Supplies I Love

One of the most common questions I get is about my supplies, and honestly, buying low quality supplies is such a frustrating thing!  Hopefully this list can get you pointed in the right direction so you don't have to waste your precious pennies on things that won't work like you want.  

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a bit of a snob about the quality of the supplies I source/use, but these are some of my faves:

Note: this list is constantly being added to/evolving...check back for more recommendations!

Graphite Pencils are a must, and I use them always! Any regular old pencil will work, but I am partial to HB weight and white erasers (they erase much more cleanly). 

Tombow Fudes are such great pens!  They have a brush tip and are fabulous for creating that gorgeous downstroke/upstroke dichotomy that makes calligraphy look so beautiful! They come in two different options, Hard Tip and Soft Tip.  I tend to pick up the Soft Tip a bit more often because I like the way the brush tip gives, but I recommend them both.

I have yet to find a better watercolor paper than this one.  I love it so much!  Cold Press is textured and I use it for most of my watercolor work, but I will sometimes use Hot Press (smooth) for working with markers/pens.  It has a great weight to it, and is the perfect amount of thirsty for my paint.

Lettering paper

The drawback of having awesome pens is that you reeeeeeallllly don't want to destroy those tips! The felt tip will shred with your first use if you are using regular old copy paper.  This paper solves that problem!  You touch it and you'll feel the difference, it's so smooth!  

Strathmore tracing paper

Another alternative to the copy paper above is tracing paper.  Not just for little kids learning how to draw shapes, tracing paper is perfect to take you from draft to draft of your work with minimal cost, but maximum effectiveness!  Bonus points for it being a smooth finish, so your pens are still happy and work properly at the end of the day.  

light box

Once the layout is perfect and I'm ready for a final draft (particularly on long pieces), I often will pull out my light box to watercolor/write over onto the product.  This saves me pesky pencil marks and keeps the final piece pristine and perfect for hanging.


Pentel Aquash

Aquash water brushes are easily my favorite go-to!  They work just like a paintbrush, but you can fill them with water for easy watercolor use, or with paint/ink for an awesome travel solution.  The fine tip is my favorite, but the bigger tips are great for large scale use as well.

Flat bristle water brush

For additional options of brush tip, these Ohuhu ones have been my favorite.  The flat brush makes florals and embellishments much easier than a round tip.  

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