Epic Father's Day Greeting Card Gift Pack

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We're all supposed to be social distancing, right? But Father's Day is on its way, and We gotta show the men some love too! 🖤

This pack solves all of those problems, and keeps you from missing out on showing some love to the awesome males in your life. It includes everything you need (like stamps!) to go from start to finish sharing love with lots of your favorite people.

And just in case you are unaware of the awesomeness of these cards...dude. Let me tell you. They are AMAZING. The paper is super heavyweight, smooth, and the PERFECT size (Goldilocks would be so proud). It's the type of card that will elicit a physical reaction when you pick it up...which is totally what we are going for here. The type of card that gets saved. Possibly forever.

Also, can we talk about the bonuses? The pin measures ½" across, so it's small enough for a tie tack, but fun enough it can be used just about anywhere. It's fun, high quality (with a premium locking back!), and sure to be a hit (design to be revealed SOON!)

The vinyl sticker is printed on thick white vinyl. It's perfect for any application, from a waterbottle, to a bumper sticker, to a laptop. You voted, I printed! This design was the one that won the vote by a landslide...and I'm happy to oblige. 🖤

Now for the deets: 

Pack includes: 
1 "Happy Father's Day!" Card
1 "To my favorite guy" Card
1 "Congrats!" Card (because sometimes you need one...ahem...graduation/weddings)
1 Pine Trees Card
4 Awesome Envelopes (including one made of ACTUAL WOOD...for real)
20 Stickers (use as envelope seals...or not!)
4 USPS Forever Stamps (actual stamp may vary, but they will be awesome)
awesome Tie Tack/Lapel Pin (style to be revealed soon!)
2(!) "The mountains are calling" Vinyl Sticker (design as voted on Instagram)
Each card pack includes free shipping.**
This whole pack holds a $48 value
But is only $25--shipped. 


There is a super-limited supply, so don't wait! All packs ordered by May 31 will ship by June 2. Orders placed after May 31 will ship within 1 business day of purchase.

**If you order additional items at the same time as your card pack that are able to fit in the same packaging, your shipping costs added at checkout will be refunded. If they are too large to fit, shipping will be charged on orders below $50.**

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