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Because sometimes you just need to say "hello" —but  maybe you want to have a little more fun with it. This pack includes one of each card option — a 34-pack of cards and envelopes, one for nearly any occasion (also…have ya checked the price on that? It’s just over $2/card, and have ya SEEN the prices of cards at Target lately? Sheesh!). Also, this product ships free. #winning

With your choice of several friendly greetings, these high-quality, super heavyweight cards (seriously, they’re awesome) are sure to make an impact. For those of you paper-nerds (hello, my people!), these are a heavyweight 120 lb cover stock with a smooth finish. You’re not gonna find others like this one. They’re the best...I checked.

Card styles include:

  • “You are a queen”

  • “You are my absolute favorite!”

  • “#allthehearteyes”

  • “Bring it. We’ve got this!”

  • “celebrate”

  • “congrats”

  • “This is the worst (and I’m so sorry)”

  • “gracias”

  • “happy birthday to you”

  • “I hate this for you”

  • “hooray!”

  • “I’m sorry”

  • “I’m here”

  • “Merry Christmas”

  • “I miss your face”

  • “oh, hey”

  • “I’m still in shock, let’s get you through this.”

  • “Let’s talk more, mmmkay?”

  • “Thank you”

  • “thinking of you”

  • “Woohoo!! Best news ever!”

  • “You are awesome”

  • “you DID it!!”

  • "you are loved"
  • "hola" 
  • “bonjour”

  • “ciao”

  • “aloha”

  • “hello”

  • leaf sprig drawing

  • trailing fuchsia drawing

  • chrysanthemum drawing

  • Cupid’s dart drawing

  • Black-eyed Susan drawing

Pretty much anything for any occasion. 💁🏼‍♀️

Each folded card measures 5.5" wide and 4.25" tall. The blank inner gives you ample space to spill your thoughts, but is small enough to not feel empty when you feel less wordy. The finish is smooth, ensuring your written note has maximum effect, and each is accompanied by a matching white euro flap envelope.

Your loved ones will feel extra pampered as they open to read your words.  🖤

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