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The ESSENTIALS Version of The Pretty Letter Society is HERE!

One of the easiest and longest-lasting ways to connect to other humans is through a simple greeting card. The written word is not only therapeutic, but can be held onto as a keepsake -- lasting for generations -- and taking up virtually zero space!

 The Pretty Letter Society is here to serve you in helping you always have a card on hand for connecting with the people you love most. Perfect for you, or perfect to gift! Keep one on hand for every time you need a note, or gift one to grandma, so she can send out cards to her friends and loved ones!

Though styles will change each month, you will always receive an incredible value with each mini-pack worth at least $25. Photo is an example of what may come in your package, and but each month will be a little bit different.


Each Pretty Letter Society Mini Pack will ALWAYS include the base of the larger, Original Pretty Letter Society, which means you get all the base items without the extras. You'll receive:

  • 4 high-quality (THE BEST!), beautiful greeting cards with luxurious envelopes (styles, colors, and sizes may vary, but quality is always amazing), and this will be the 4 main standard cards offered in the full-sized pack. 
  • 4 curated USPS postage stamps so you can mail out your pretty cards without hitting the post office (have you BEEN in that line?)
  • A coordinating full sheet of custom stickers to use as envelope seals or embellishments
  • Periodic goodies, downloads, and coupon codes for the shop sent exclusively to members of The Society. 
  • All subscriptions ship free!


I can't wait for you to be part of The Society! 🖤 


The nitty-gritty:

The subscription runs month-to-month, meaning you get one pack shipped to you every month until you cancel. This subscription may be cancelled at any time after the first shipment and prior to the next charge date. If the order has already processed for the next month when you cancel, you will receive the month you have paid for and no further.

Looking for an additional savings? You may choose to prepay for your Society membership in increments of 3-, 6-, or 12-month increments. This is also a great option for gifts (pro-tip: grandmas/aunties love these packs to send to loved ones, making gift subscriptions a perfect option!). Following the allotted time, your subscription will be renewed in the increment you originally selected until you cancel (for example, if you selected a 6-month option, your subscription will renew after that 6 months with another 6-month option, minus any promo codes). If the order has already processed for the next month(s) when you cancel, you will receive the month(s) you have paid for and no further.


Frequently Asked Questions:

     What IS the Pretty Letter Society?

I'm super glad you asked! The Pretty Letter Society is a monthly package of awesome stationery and supplies designed and curated to beautify YOUR life, and the lives of those you love! 

It will consist of incredible-quality cards and envelopes (plus postage!) and the quality will always be top-notch, the design endlessly awesome and beautiful, and created with the intent to be shared.


     How can I join?

Easy-peasy! You scroll back up to the top of the page and make your selections. You get to decide if you want to do a one-time purchase, a re-occurring monthly purchase (that you can end at any time), OR a subscription for a set amount of time (choose month-to-month, 3 month/6 month/12 month options). 


     What if I want to gift one? Can I send it to someone else?

You betcha! Just type in the lucky recipient's name and mailing address in the shipping field at checkout and you're all set! They will receive their subscription/package at the address you request. If you choose this option, please know that ALL of that order will go to this address, so if you want it a one-time thing, just choose a single purchase instead of a subscription. 


     Can I pause/skip a month?

You sure can! Just log in on and check out your account. You can see an option to view your subscription(s), and alter or edit them as necessary. 


     How do I store them all?

The first pack in your subscription (one-time-orders do NOT receive this), you'll receive a magnetic-close box to keep them safe and organized. It's large enough to hold up to 6 months worth of unused Society items, but hopefully you'll be using them and it can be replenished each month as you go!





  • You will be purchasing one month in advance. To receive the next month's subscription, orders must be placed by the 20th of the previous month (for example, if you want to receive the package for April, you must order by March 20th). Orders placed after that date will begin the following month (i.e. orders placed on March 25 will not receive the April pack, but will receive the one for May).
  • For reoccurring purchases, after your first shipment, your credit card will automatically be charged on the 20th of the following month (in the above example, you would not be charged again in April because you wouldn't have received your first pack yet).
  • Society packs will ship on or around 25th of each month, with the intent that you would receive them prior to the beginning of the month. 

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