Snowflake Ornaments 3D Shatterproof Acrylic

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Gorgeous, hand-drawn ornaments, laser-cut in acrylic. 

Approximately 4" at their widest, these gorgeous 3-dimensional ornaments twinkle in the lights with all their facets! Hung with a heavyweight clear line, these beautifully minimal ornaments will accentuate any decor

Available in 6 different styles and 2 different colors (crystal clear and green-edge), you can mix and match to your heart's content. Want a white sparkle? Choose crystal clear. Want a slightly more subtle, glass-like shine? Choose green-edge. Both options are beautiful and will create a new dimension of beauty in your tree!

Acrylic is shatterproof, but these detailed ornaments are still delicate. Please handle with care for the longest-lasting outcome. Wipe clean with a gentle cloth, and these beauties will be around for years to come!

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