Wax Seal Starter Kit

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Wax seal starter kit with everything you need for foolproof wax seals!

Stamps are made of food-safe brass with a gorgeous turned black handle. Perfect for weddings, invitations, or any time you want to upscale your correspondence! No one can resist a good wax seal. 


Kit includes:

- 1" diameter round brass wax seal stamp with black handle - Design provided by client, if you would like me to design something just for you, please inquire here.

- Low-temperature hot glue gun

- 6 sticks of wax in your choice of color (enough for 50+ seals)

- Instructions and tips/tricks


Upload the file you'd like me to use (black and white only, please). I'll work on making the perfect impression for you.


About the sealing wax:

The perfect, most incredible wax for creating foolproof wax seals. This wax is not only available in incredible color options, but is high-quality and flexible, making it ideal for sending through the postal service intact. It will not break or melt during the shipping process!

Available in packs of 5, these glue gun sticks are so easy to use, and assembly will be a snap. Each pack of 5 will offer up to 50 beautiful seals, but actual quantity will vary based upon the amount of wax you desire for each. They are the perfect complement for your wax stamp.

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