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STEP ONE: Nab the perfect man.


STEP TWO: Plan the perfect event.


There's so many details to keep track of, that after spending way too many hours browsing bridal blogs and magazines, you're over here wondering "WHO ON EARTH ACTUALLY GETS THE WEDDING OF THEIR DREAMS?"  

When you've hit DETAIL OVERWHELM and have spent hours and hours poring over all the Pinterest boards and search engines in vain, hoping for the perfect wedding stationery and signage and want to reclaim your life...

Here I am.

I specialize in full custom wedding suites, from the save-the-date cards all the way through with signage for the event, addressing envelopes, and even the thank you cards you'll send at the end. 

mirror seating chart

From first contact, we work together to make sure that the communication for your big day is perfect.

Photo by Misty C Photography

Here's how it works:

You'll fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

From there, I'll take your must-haves, your timeline, and your budget into account and work my magic.

I pride myself on clear and thoughtful communication and in delivering high quality goods in a way that reflects you and what you stand for.

Photo by Alex Lasots

Photo by Alex Lasots

Worried that this is all a bit too much?

Don't forget that good communication will set the tone for your whole event. Your guests will know what to expect and when to expect it, and when your guests know what to do, your whole day will run more smoothly! 

So hand over the stress,

and let's get you back to more fun decisions, know...spending time with that awesome fiancรฉ(e) of yours.

So let's look at what your options are and find the best choices for your perfect day!