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Magnolia Flower Cake Topper

Magnolia Flower Cake Topper

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A reusable cake topper that's a show-stopper in your choice of colors and materials. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, showers, birthdays, you name it…if there’s a cake and/or a celebration involved, you need one!

Reusable magnolia flower cake topper, in wood or acrylic.

Finished dimensions: approximately 2.5” wide and points to the right (all options except mirrored can be used either direction). Pro tip? Surround this pretty thing with real or edible florals!

Each material has its own nuances and fun characteristics, and the option of each one makes your topper truly unique! Gently hand wash and store carefully for longevity, and the cake topper can be reused for years to come.

Most ship within 2 business days (sometimes a color is low-in-stock, so please allow up to 2 weeks just in case!).

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